Chef’s secrets:

Let Them Eat Torte

At first glance, you might not notice the difference between a cake and a torte. That is because a torte is a cake. To make things more confusing, the word "torte" comes from the Italian word "torta," which means a round bread or cake. In Europe, most cakes are called tortes. And, to add to the confusion, some French tortes are called "Gateau" which is French for, you guessed it, cake. So if a torte is a cake, what is the difference between a cake and a torte?

The typical description of a torte only muddies the water. A torte can have layers, like a Dobos torte, but might not. Cakes also can have layers, but angel food cake and bundt cake do not have layers. A torte can have a sweet icing like a cake, but if you are making a French torte it might not have any icing at all.







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