We proudly manufacture the two main savors of desserts, the eastern as well as the oriental desserts. Enjoy our eastern taste through Tarts, wide cakes variety, gateaux, cookies and finally petit fours. Don't miss the oriental desserts! You are one click away from our distinguished collection.


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Ice Cream &


What food can challenge its creamy smoothness, or the delicious feeling of this soft, cold ice cream as it slips down your throat ?

It's our ice cream that does it all; we make a satisfactory range of ice cream cakes with beautiful frosting tastes as great as they look with different flavors.


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All the bakery items are freshly baked to perfection daily with highest ingredients, it's a trip to the French cuisine starting from Croissant, Brioche and Alexandre ending with baguette and all kinds of bread as 70% of our bakery products are supplied to restaurants and catering services.

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Wedding &

Custom Cakes

We make confectionery 


masterpieces just as demanded for any kind of occasions ex: weddings, birthdays, baby showers, Graduations...etc. Our dear customers are free to choose the model or create it themselves, while finishing it perfectly is our mission, joy and passion.  


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Franchising Now


Now you can open a store in your city and we will support everything. For more information call us at 01277221770


Tartino Mansoura


Tartino Mansoura is now open
After years of demands , Tartino launched first branch in Mansoura to serve desserts lovers.


Most delicious:

Banana Chocolate
The tasty Chocolate Sablé tart, covered with nutella chocolate, filled with a layer of caramelized banana.

Quarter Chocolate Cake
A chocolate cake divided into four quarters, dark chocolate , white chocolate , toffee and Nutella.

White Sablé
It is considered one of the best and delicious kinds of cookies. It is made of the tasty sablé paste filled with m&m's chocolate.

Konafa Magh-Shousha
It's made up of dough stuffed with caramel Konafa and Pistachio for garnish. It's became the custom associated with the month of Ramadan since the middle ages till today.